7 Guidelines to Success

7 Guidelines to Success

SuccessRecently, I have read many blogs and social media posts “defining success”. In nearly every case, the author clearly states “requirements for success” that must be followed. Of course, they each have their own formula, and I respect each author’s desire to define success in their mind. But, are their requirements for success necessarily ours?

 Defining Success

A quick search on the internet delivers thousands of definitions of success. Here are a few examples:

  • Webster: a degree of measure of succeeding or a favorable outcome: the attainment of wealth, favor or eminence.
  • Dictionary.com: the favorable termination of attempts of endeavor; the accomplishment of goals; the attainment of wealth, position, honors, of the like.
  • Famous former UCLA Basketball Coach, John Wooden, in his book Wooden on Leadership: Success is peace of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best to become the best of which you are capable.

With so many varying definitions and advice floating around, it seems obvious to me that you define your own success.

Take a moment to consider what success means to you. For me, the three most successful days of my life were the day I married my wife of 34 years, the day my first son was born, and the day my second son was born. I have many work achievements I would call successes but, those do not compare to these three.

It’s very likely your view of success and mine are similar, yet different in many ways. Additionally, how we pursue our ideal of success could be radically different.

To me, that is the point. Success is defined as one sees fit for themselves personally and professionally. It is influenced by those around you but, in the end, it’s clearly unique to each person and to each organization.

 My Success Guidelines

Challenge yourself to think about your definition of success. Knowing your definition and then acting to achieve it will lead to a more fulfilling life.

I would like to share my 7 Guidelines for Success. These are not 7 keys to achieving success that you must follow. These are views that influence me in how I establish success for myself, personally and professionally. I hope reading these lead you to develop you own keys to defining success.

  1. You must work hard to be successful. The dilemma is what does “work hard” mean to you? For me, work hard means when I am at work I focus on initiatives that will contribute to the attainment of strategic goals our team has identified as important for the next year and five years. Work hard does not mean working extraordinary hours, ignoring personal obligations and putting work above all else, including family.
  2. Success includes caring for others. Author Simon Sinek often states the best leaders “eat last”. Yes, take care of yourself but, not at the sacrifice of others you claim to support.
  3. Success is not just about fame and fortune. Many organizations are purpose-driven where the focus is not only on the reward to owners and employees but, there is a keen focus on community and a commitment to support a greater purpose.
  4. Success IS a destination and you will never get there. Never settle for where you are or where your organization is, keep striving.
  5. Success is learning from failure. If you don’t experience failure, you aren’t striving to be better today than yesterday. And failure isn’t necessarily bad. You can learn invaluable lessons from failure.
  6. Success is knowing you can and will learn something every day. Seek more knowledge and growth daily.
  7. Success is the freedom to be yourself. Freedom of time, money, relationship, and purpose have been offered by many thought leaders as keys to success. I agree.

Here at hb&k, I encourage our team to take the time to have conversations with clients where the clients do most of the talking and we listen. By listening, we can better understand what clients find important and how they define success. We customize our work with clients to advise and consult to allow them to achieve success as they define it. We do this by providing accounting and tax advice, strategic planning, process improvement and employee engagement consulting.

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This blog was written by hb&k’s managing shareholder, Dennis Sherrin.  Dennis focuses on consulting for businesses on vision, strategy, business transition, & organizational development to effectively utilize the collective talents of its people.
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