ASBPA Sunset Committee Hearing

ASBPA Sunset Committee Hearing

Did you know that every Board in the state of Alabama has to be reviewed by a Sunset Committee? As Chair of the Alabama State Board of Accountancy (ASBPA), I recently traveled to Montgomery with fellow board members and staff to “make the case” for the legitimacy and continuing need for ASBPA.

Boyd Busby, the Executive Director of ASBPA says, “The Sunset Committee performs a vital task in reviewing State agencies along with the Examiners of Public Accounts. Both groups insight and oversight are helpful to the board in fulfilling our mission to protect the public through effective regulatory oversight of all CPAs, PAs, and Firms in the State of Alabama.”

Today, I wanted to share a little about the hearing to hopefully increase education of what ASBPA is doing for the accounting community and the public.

A Sunset Committee Hearing

The Sunset Committee is required to review each year of operations of state agencies scheduled for review in the sunset law or in the agency’s enabling law. The Department of Examiners of Public Accounts assist the committee by obtaining, compiling, and evaluating information and produces a report on each agency for use by the committee. The process for us has been to go through an audit and after receiving the results of the audit, we attend a hearing to discuss the findings and answer any questions the Sunset Committee has about our organization. I am glad to report that the Examiners issued their report with no findings.  You can learn more about the Alabama Department of Examiners of Public Accounts here.

For our hearing, Boyd Busby, the Executive Director of ASBPA, was our speaker.  Some of the items we reviewed include ASBPA’s role in the following:

  • Ensuring that Alabama is consistent in CPA Exam candidacy with all 55 jurisdictions;
  • Determining the content and costs of the 4 sections of the CPA exam;
  • Sharing statistics in regards to CPA Exam pass rates in Alabama;
  • Listing rule changes made by the ASBPA to conform to national trends;
  • Proactively protecting the public from fraudulent preparers;
  • Improving internal operations and communication for to include technology and information sharing.

We also covered information pertaining to budgets and costs to continue to function effectively.

Working for Alabama

As you can gather from the bulleted list, ASBPA plays an important role in both CPA Examination requirements and in ensuring the public is protected from illegitimate “accountants”.  Our board is proud to continue to work for the citizens of Alabama.

Having a shareholder involved on a state-level is a time-consuming commitment hb&k is happy to make.  One of the aspects of our culture that we place a great focus on leadership at every level of our organization.  Employees participate in leadership academies and training – even new staff are expected to find ways to get involved in internal committees and initiatives.  Our podcast, Playing Above the Line, focuses on telling the stories of community leaders.  And, most importantly, we get involved in organization and groups where our leadership can make an impact.

** A special thank you to Boyd Busby, who gave us a quote and confirmed accuracy of the content of this blog.  Boyd does an incredible job in his position as Executive Director of ASBPA and I am proud to work with someone as diligent and persistent as Boyd.


This blog was written by Earl Blackmon, 2018-2019 Chair of the Alabama State Board of Public Accountancy. He is a shareholder of hb&k, a Lean Six Sigma Consultant and the leader of our Wealth Management Services.
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