Being a Professional Mom

Being a Professional Mom

By: Treya Tindal

Treya with her husband and daughter.

To the modern working woman, the idea of starting a family is a complicated one. As if the decision to start a family were not daunting enough, it also greatly affects the mother’s career. Should she postpone the development of her career, give up the opportunity to have a family, or attempt to juggle a balance of both? Sometimes, businesses do not provide options for new mothers to thrive. Fortunately, hb&k is not one of those businesses.

Being a Working Mother at hb&k

When I found out I was expecting my first child, I was overjoyed; but I also knew this would cause many changes in both my personal and professional life. At that time, I had been working at hb&k for almost a year, so I was aware that the firm’s culture was very considerate towards personal and family time.

For this reason, I was comfortable proposing a switch from a full-time employee to a part-time work schedule after the birth of my baby girl. The Shareholders’ flexibility exceeded my expectations, and in doing so, provided me the ability to continue enhancing my skills and achieving my goals. This past year I have progressed in my career by:

  • Training in new tax and audit concepts and standards
  • Working one on one with clients
  • Searching for what interest me in the accounting profession and pursuing training and new certifications in these areas.

Forward Thinking Firm

Working with an employer that is supportive of my “family-first” choice has shown me that I shouldn’t have to choose between attaining my professional or personal goals. hb&k has proved to be a firm that is proactive in creating employee satisfaction and a family-friendly culture.

These benefits are not one-sided! This attitude also positively affects the firm by developing happier employees and decreasing turnover. Here are some additional ways hb&k allows flexibility:

  • Flex hours –  you work a schedule that coordinates best with your life.  If I become full-time once my daughter starts school, I can choose to come in early and leave by 3:00 to pick her up.
  • Life-Work Balance – we “work while at work”.  This means we don’t have to check/answer emails at home.  It also means we aren’t expected to work a ton of extra hours.  Overtime is limited, thanks to firm policies and a focus on productivity.  Accounting is a seasonal business, which means work comes in seasons, as opposed to being spread throughout the year.  Seasonal work usually comes with insane hours and hectic days.  At hb&k overtime is an exception, not the norm.
  • hb&k has started a health initiative to help employees increase their mental and physical health and further increase employee productivity and happiness.

I feel fortunate to be in a firm with these initiatives and flexibility.  Finding family-focused workplace is important for a professional mom.  The exciting part is that we’re always looking forward and thinking about the next step.  I am excited to continue to growing as a professional mom, reaching my career goals while having time and flexibility with my baby girl.