hb&k is Rebranding to Avizo Group

hb&k is Rebranding to Avizo Group

Since starting our firm in 1990, you’ve always known hb&k to be a company who focuses on people first.  We value our clients and strive to provide the services to help you succeed. To best help you achieve, we have been expanding our services beyond compliance work to serve as advisors and strategists through our consulting services.  To instill these changes as part of our identity, we’re making a big change ourselves.

Going into 2020, we’re rebranding to adopt a new name and look that better reflects who we are as a business consulting organization.  Effective January 1, 2020, hb&k will be called Avizo Group.  We wanted to tell you now so you can get used to seeing our logo and so you have the opportunity to talk to us if you have any questions.  Read below for  information about how and why this change is happening.

What does Avizo mean?

Avizo Group was born through an intensive 12-month process where we met with industry professionals, surveyed our employees, hired a marketing firm, and completed exercises designed to capture the essence of who we are and what we want to provide to our clients. It’s based on the word “advice” – which is what we offer our clients.  A lot of people think we only do taxes or audits, and we wanted a name that shows we do more than just accounting work. We partner with our clients to offer them advice and develop strategies to help them reach their goals.

Why are you rebranding your company now?

To put it simply: to prepare ourselves and our clients for future opportunities.  Increasingly over the last several years, we’ve discovered that clients want and need services beyond compliance.  Instead of just calculating how much you owe in taxes, we want to help streamline processes, set and reach bigger goals, and take advantage of a competitive market in a time of growth.  By focusing on consulting services, we feel we will make a positive impact in local businesses, which impacts our communities and each of you personally.

Are you still going to do taxes?

Yes!  But, we aren’t just a tax firm.  We are a business consulting firm that offers compliance services as part of our consultative approach.  Business owners and clients will see an increase in service offerings that provide year-round, success-focused strategic approaches to advisory services.  Going forward, you will continue to receive great service from the same people you’ve been working with.

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Want to know more? We welcome any questions you have regarding this change. This video and the links below will give you some additional insight. We’re excited about this change and hope you are too!  Thank you for your continued business and support.  Without you, we would not be recognized as one of the best firms in our region.  We look forward to continuing to work with you, side-by-side, to help you succeed.

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Here’s a copy of our press release announcing the name change.