hb&k Statewide Leadership

hb&k Statewide Leadership

We are proud to announce that two members of our firm currently hold leadership positions in the accounting industry’s two major state-wide organizations.  Earl Blackmon, CPA, CGMA is currently serving as the 2018-2019 Chairperson of the Alabama State Board of Accountancy while Dennis Sherrin, CPA, CVA, CGMA is the 2019-2020 Chairperson for the Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants.

We are extremely honored to have two of our shareholders serving at this level.  One important aspect of hb&k’s culture is that we place a great focus on leadership at every level of our organization.  By participating on these Boards, Earl and Dennis have the opportunity to help advance the accounting profession and CPAs in Alabama by encouraging fellow accountants to embrace the changes in our industry.  Each of these Boards serves a specific role in making an impact within our profession.

 hb&k Shareholders Making an Impact

In these positions, Earl and Dennis support and advocate for the accounting profession throughout the entire state.

The Alabama State Board of Accountancy are protectors of the public.  They make and publish regulations pertaining to the conduct of Certified Public Accountants and Public Accountants.  Some of the duties of the Board are to ensure that those who offer accounting services maintain high standards, investigate charges of unprofessional conduct, and assist in overseeing the CPA examination.

The Alabama Society of Certified Public Accountants (ASCPA) focuses its efforts on enhancing the accounting profession through advocacy and education.  Dennis’s emphasis will be to meet with leaders of firms to educate them on the necessary transformations the accounting industry must embrace to continue to successfully thrive in an age of change and advanced technology.

Leading in the Accounting Industry

hb&k has a tenure of focusing its efforts on transforming the way accounting work is done. The leadership of the firm has spent a decade focused on building consulting services, decreasing demanding overtime in busy seasons, and creating a forward-thinking culture.

A few of our most successful initiatives have been Lean Six Sigma Consulting, Kolbe Consulting, Project 40™, and Strategic Planning.

  • Lean Six Sigma: A certified consultant in Lean, Earl leads hb&k and firms across the nation through Lean processes every year. The results are the creation of streamlined processes that reduce errors and increase the timeliness of work projects being finished.
  • Kolbe Consulting: We use the Kolbe Assessment in our company to understand each individual’s natural way of doing things. Rather than focusing on weaknesses, we focus on complementary strengths to get our work done as a team.
  • Project40™: Over 5 years ago, Dennis proposed the idea of being an accounting firm that works 40-hour weeks year-round. In an industry known for demanding overtime during “busy seasons” hb&k sought to focus on the importance of life-work balance.  Under P40™, hb&k’s overtime has decreased by 30%.
  • Strategic Planning: We seek guidance from consultants to help push our team to set and accomplish ambitious goals. Change is more achievable with a plan that has buy-in and follow-through.

hb&k is focused on continuous improvement within ourselves and the accounting profession.  By holding leadership positions and sharing our successes, we hope to help fellow accountants embrace change and achieve greater results.

P.S. Serving as a Chairperson isn’t the only thing they have in common. Both Earl and Dennis are alumni of the University of South Alabama. Go Jags!