hb&k Wellness Plan

hb&k Wellness Plan

hb&k implemented a wellness plan this year as part of our Project 40 committee. Project 40™ began with a mission to improve efficiency to decrease overtime hours and it has had great success! Accountants continue to struggle with some long hours right around deadlines, but our firm is committed to decreasing that through continuous improvement. Now, Project 40™ has evolved to a wider focus which includes employee life balance. Through this new focus, the Wellness Plan was brought to life.

Benefits of Focusing on Health

The main goal of the wellness plan is to increase employee satisfaction and engagement. However,  there are so many benefits that can be gained by promoting healthy employees:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved employee moral
  • Reduced medial costs and sick days
  • Attract & retain talented employees

These aspects are obviously benefits to hb&k, but they are also benefits to each individual employee.  Feeling productive, happy, and healthy at work is vital if you want to love your career.  We’ve started our wellness plan by doing two things: competitions and availability of healthier snacks.


Within the firm, we have a lot of competitive people who like games.  We have pools for most sporting events and we even practice before going to community events where we could win prizes (like the Chamber corn-hole competition). Because of this, it only made sense to make “wellness” competitions.

The first health initiative that hb&k did took place during tax season.  It was a month-long Water Challenge. Each office competed to see who could drink the most water. The results were that all the offices consumed less soda for the month of the challenge and sweets left in the kitchen were consumed more slowly.

Snacks & Mentality

hb&k also makes an effort to provide fresh fruits and healthier snacks. Although we encourage healthy snacking, we also welcome freshly baked cookies and anything else brought in by clients and coworkers. We don’t push anyone to change their diet or habits, but we do provide options if someone wants a healthier choice. Finally, we regularly have lunches provided by the firm, so our Wellness Committee promotes healthier employee lunches.

We are currently in the middle of a new challenge – Days Without Soda.  We’re challenging everyone to go as many days as they can without drinking soda (including weekends!).  We have three check-ins and on the first one, 17 out of 37 participating employees made it!  We are looking forward to see what results are achieved at the end of the month!


Treya Tindal, CPA is the author of this blog.  A Senior Accountant who has been with out firm for three years, Treya leads our Project 40 Committee. She works primarily in audit but knows her way around a tax return too!
Email Treya with any questions.