Summertime Strategic Planning

Summertime Strategic Planning

At hb&k, we place a great emphasis on the importance of working on your business instead of just in your business. Many business owners have heard (and follow) the advice that they should hire experts to do things for them. For instance, hire a marketing firm to do help advertise, hire a landscaper to keep the storefront looking nice, or hire an accounting firm to do bookkeeping and taxes.

And that is great advice!! Doing so gives business owners more free time to focus on the things they love. Not having to worry about the daily grind of things like bookkeeping allows a business owner to interact more with customers, to spend time mentoring key employees, or work on betting their product. But when we say work on your business and not just in it, we’re looking beyond creating the capacity to focus on your areas of interest.

On, Not In

Working on your business means taking time to examine where your business is versus where you want it to go, and then making an action plan to make that happen.

As a business owner, you have ambitions and dreams for your business – maybe it’s to create a legacy business you can pass on to your children, or maybe your goal is to sell at a price-point to allow you a comfortable retirement – whatever it is – are you sure you’re on the right track to accomplish it?

You can accelerate accomplishing your goals and pushing your business to the next level through strategic planning with hb&k.

Summertime Strategic Planning

hb&k is offering Summertime Strategic Planning Sessions. Summer is a great time to define goals. You are halfway through the year and setting a goal can breathe energy into your team.

A Strategic Planning engagement with hb&k will set a defined mission, vision and action plan for your business. We will examine your business’s current state (of finances, personnel, industry hurdles, and local competition) and help you set ambitious goals of growth. We build in accountability to ensure your goals are carried out and not forgotten once the Planning session ends. Read more about accountability here.

Having someone from outside your organization can help you set bigger goals, keep you accountable for maintaining your plan, and ultimately, bring you more success. Our goal setting system pushes you to reach BEYOND your expectations, not simply meet a company or industry standard.

We believe in the power of Strategic Planning because we’ve been doing it for over ten years. Learn more about the benefits of strategic planning here. If you are interested in learning more, email us today!