TaxCaddy Tuesday

TaxCaddy Tuesday

By: Kari Wolfe

Do you like filing taxes? The likely answer to this is no. But what are the reasons? For many, there is concern you could leave out a key document and have to file an amended return later in the year. Maybe even just keeping track of documents as they slowly come in through the year causes you to feel annoyed. Then, on top of that, your accountant is going to mail you a 30 page “organizer” with hundreds of questions. And even that isn’t enough! You have to drive to your accountant to bring in your documents, then in a few weeks, you drive back to that same office to review and sign your return.

What if I told you there is a way to eliminate all of that stress with hb&k? Our solution is TaxCaddy. Do you have a computer or a smart phone? You do? Great! Then you can use TaxCaddy.

How Does TaxCaddy Work?

TaxCaddy is a fantastic application we started using at Hartmann, Blackmon & Kilgore last year. You can access it on any smartphone or even on your computer. It is a place for you to securely store your tax-related documents, sign your return, and communicate with hb&k.

Gathering Documents: With the phone app, you can just take a photo of any tax document as it comes in. You can categorize it, or you can just store it. With a computer, you can scan the document and add it in your portal. A huge benefit is that every tax season, TaxCaddy gives you a personalized list of the documents you provided last year – you can check off the items you already gathered and easily see what may be missing.

Organizer: It can be aggravating to go through an entire paper organizer with hundreds of questions. TaxCaddy gives you a shorter questionnaire and you don’t have to write in anything – just click and type. It is faster, it is easier, and it still accomplishes everything you need it to.

Office Visits: With TaxCaddy, we can do everything virtually.   You can simply upload documents and when your return is ready, you can review AND sign your tax returns right from the app. Of course, we are still here in the office, so if you want to talk to someone about your return, ask a question, or just let us know about a new circumstance, we’re here to talk to you. Even if you just want to come in and say hello while getting some candy, we would love for you to swing by and say hi.

Chat: TaxCaddy offers an easy way to message us at hb&k. You can send questions and comments and we can quickly answer or add the information to your file.

Give it a Shot

It’s a hassle to gather and keep up with documents.  It causes stress to think you’ve left something out, especially if you had to go out of the way to bring it into the office. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

For more details, follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we produce our #TaxCaddyTuesday campaign. Every Tuesday, we’ll share more information about all the great things TaxCaddy can do.

Ready to sign up? Email and we’ll send you an invitation to link to us. It’s 100% free for you. Then, all you have to do is download the app and get started!