Technology Disruption is Affecting Your Organization

Technology Disruption is Affecting Your Organization

Technology is constantly “disrupting” the world in which we live.  We see software updates on our computers and phones almost monthly.  New programs with faster, more streamlined processes come out every day.

Many business owners think they can’t afford to gamble on the implementation of new technology in their business operations.  But the reality is, technological change is happening and it is affecting you whether you embrace it or not.  Businesses should prepare for future success by having an adaptable mentality toward technology.

In 30+ years consulting with businesses, I have witnessed continuous technology disruption.  The constant is change.  The variable is the rate at which technology changes. This is true for any business –  from the retail shop, dental office, repair shop, law firm, real estate agency, construction contractor to the manufacturer and so on.  The rate at which change is occurring, now, will never be this slow again.  Should we even attempt to keep up?

Embracing Technology Change

The answer to the question, “should we even attempt to keep up?” is a resounding, YES!  You are amazing at adapting to an ever-changing environment.  Look around and take note of all the changes you continue to adapt to daily.  Need some examples?

  • Are you reading this on a cellphone or tablet? I know you aren’t reading it on a land line phone.
  • If you had to tell me how many emails you send per day versus how many snail-mail letters, I know email would win by a landslide.
  • The last time your grandchild did something cute, did you take a picture, go get the film developed and then bring the photos with you to show your friends? No! You took a photo with your smart phone!

When you consider your business, some are the same and others are in addition like:

  • Sending letters to faxing documents to scanning and email
  • Having file rooms full of paper to using digital cloud storage
  • Getting handwritten signatures on contracts to digitally signed contracts
  • Making manual inventory orders to ordering online
  • Tracking using manual ledgers to Excel to QuickBooks to Enterprise Resource Platforms
  • Paying for print advertising to making digital graphics and marketing for free on social media
  • Leaving paper phone messages to leaving voice mails

Benefits Technology Brings

Technology will continue to disrupt the way we do business.  Let’s welcome that disruption for the future.  Consider some opportunities to use technology to enhance one of the most valuable things we have – time.

  • Spend more time working “on” the business rather than “in” the business
  • Spend more time pursuing what motivated you to start your business
  • Expand your potential market beyond your physical locations
  • Work from anywhere
  • Focus more on enhancing value to your current customers
  • Developing more new customers
  • Spend more time innovating

Business leaders are the driving force in adopting technology.  You do not have to perform every task of implementation.  Share a vision for the future benefits of technology adoption and give your team the freedom to create, innovate and organize.

hb&k is a consulting and accounting firm helping business prepare for their future.  We offer cloud-based technologies to provide business intelligence in real-time as well as strategic consulting to help you achieve the success you define.

Opportunity awaits those willing to see disruption as a force that can be used to achieve the success they define as most important.


This blog was written by hb&k’s managing shareholder, Dennis Sherrin.  Dennis focuses on consulting for businesses on vision, strategy, business transition, & organizational development to effectively utilize the collective talents of its people.
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