Drive Your Business Growth

Drive Your Business Growth

Ask any business owner why they started their business and often the answers will revolve around having a passion for the product or service the business offers.  After all, leaving the comfort of an established job and consistent salary to strike out on your own inevitably comes with risk, uncertainty, and long hours to get your business off the ground.

However, owners don’t start their businesses because they are passionate about balancing their books, paying bills, constantly running payroll, or managing cash flow.  And yet, these tasks must be performed every single month (sometimes more often than that)! Countless times, businesses close because the owner doesn’t have real-time data to track how they are doing financially.

Advisory Solutions Designed for YOU

Outsourcing your accounting with our firm will save you time and allow you to focus on the parts of your business you love most.  While you’re focusing on customer satisfaction, improving your product lines, managing your team, we’re keeping the back office functioning.  Our process is to have conversations to get to know you and your business.  Then, we design a custom solution for you.

  • Technology:  Let us help you find the best software to streamline your efforts.  We can set up dashboards so you can see what’s most important to you.  We also provide training to you and your team to learn how to use the software to save time. More importantly, we can also help you analyze your numbers and prepare for growth.
  • Expertise: Our Client Accounting Advisors have certifications in Bookeeping, QuickBooks Online, and Xero, as well as concentrated training in all things from Sales Tax to Financial Reporting.  A task that takes hours of your precious time can be completed faster, more accurately, and more consistently by our team that has decades of experience.

Driving Business Growth Every Day

Imagine a restaurant owner on the Gulf Coast. Summertime is crucial for managing the day-to-day inside your business because you have more customers coming in the door. Plus, it feels like everything is going well because an influx of customers means an influx of cash.  When you are a restaurant owner running full steam ahead, when do you have time to run numbers?  You probably aren’t as worried about spending decisions while cash flow is good, but what happens when it’s September and you haven’t kept up with bookkeeping in the last 3-5 months?

Having up-to-date information means you can know what the potential sales are, how to staff, and how much food to purchase.   It means you can make better decisions to grow your profitability every month, not just in the busy season months.

Let’s say you are the owner of a construction company and your fork lift dies. Do you have enough cash to go buy a new fork lift? If you do pay cash, will you still have money to run the business? Do you need to take out a loan? We help keep your business updated with reliable sales, billing, and payment processing tools. All these questions can be answered with up-to-date financial information which an Outsourced Client Accounting professional can take care of for you.

Driving Business Growth For the Long-Term

Using a combination of professionals with years of experience and the advanced technology our firm has invested in, we can help you make better decisions and drive business growth.

Keeping your financial data current means you can make those decisions much faster with more reliable information. If you’d like to grow your business and still get to do what you’re passionate about, please reach out to me.  Our goal is to help clients succeed, so we customize all our solutions to fit you and your business.

Erann Thompson is the Director of Client Accounting Services for hb&k.  Along with leading our CAS team, she works side-by-side with clients to develop efficiencies and profitability.
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